The cooperative Agrovida LTDA, was founded in 2003 in a municipality called Planadas, Tolima. 80% of the local economy depends on coffee production. Currently, the cooperative associates are focused in producing specialty coffee with a very unique and distinguished cup profile.

Mission: To contribute to solve the socio-economic and social needs of its members while pursuing the economic and social development of the region.
To produce specialty coffee of the highest quality while protecting the environment.

To Provide technical assistance related to agricultural, forestry and environmental production and comercializacion.

Vision: By 2019, the cooperative Agrovida LTDA and it’s members will produce coffee with the best cup profile in Colombia.

Location: Planadas – Tolima
Founded: April 2003
Certifications: Organic (ORG) - Fair Trade (FLO
Associates: 92
Male Members: 83
Members Women: 9

Main Harvest: May - August
Second harvest: October - January
Annual Production: 1,200,000 kg
Varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Typical, Castle, Bourbon
Altitude: 1400 - 2000 m
Temperature: 16 - 24ºC
Process Benefit: Washed
Drying process: Sun and canopies