Boyacá, the new frontier in specialty coffee production

By Juan C Quiroga

With each passing year at the “Cafés de Colombia Expo”, one should not be surprised to find the best coffee the country has to offer. Even though some regions represented at the event are well known to produce some of the best coffee in the world, there was a particularly busy booth showcasing some of the most exclusive coffees from Colombia. The exquisite aromas and colorful decor attracted both coffee buyers and coffee enthusiasts from all over the world. Considered as a “must visit” at the fair, this booth quickly became known as the “new kid on the block for specialty coffee”. The department of Boyacá. Colombia.

This department, often referred to as “Colombia’s’ newest coffee flavor” is comprised of close to 12,000 producers, a coffee cultivated area of about 11,000 hectares with an annual production of approximately 6,000,000 kilos of high quality coffee (2% of Colombia’s total production).

The perfect setting to produce high quality coffee

The diversity of thermal floors in the Boyacan landscape and the natural elements of its environment serve as the perfect setting to produce coffees with chocolate, fruit, citrus and soft profiles, plus some with a certain desired acidity, all very important attributes for ever demanding national and global markets.

The brands at the “Cafés de Colombia Expo”

Sponsored by the Governor’s office from Boyacá and managed by Alejandro Mejía from Boyacá Exporta y Sergio Tolosa, secretary of productivity, the stand was a total success, not only because of the very unique coffees represented on site but also the excellent customer service from the brands representatives. It’s worth it to mention every brand presented at the Boyacá stand, since they all offer exclusiveness in terms of aroma, flavor and fragrance. Coffee lovers should take a note about these brands, as we anticipate a high demand for these coffees, they will be a hard to get product for the average coffee drinker in the near future. Noted brands include El Cazique Café, Happy Coffee, Café Cultura, Café San Angel, Café San Nicolas, Zoe Coffee, Café Manta Real, Café especial La Montaña, Café Maria Elena, Magnum Café, Café Santa Maria, Umbi Café, Bentos Kaffe, Café Candelas and Café de Superzona.

Anyone who knows even a little bit about specialty coffee over time develops an appreciation for taste, aroma and fragrance. Today, more than ever, information about origin plays an important part at the buying point. Visiting coffee fairs like “Cafés de Colombia Expo” gives the buyer an opportunity to interact with the people responsible for the production of some of the best coffees in the world. As coffee lovers, we are always eager to smell and taste the best coffees available. This time we did not only enjoy drinking a cup of exclusive coffee at the fair, we also had a chance to see many happy faces who take pride in what they do; produce the best coffee. An outstanding experience while visiting the stand from Boyacá. Colombia at “Cafés de Colombia Expo” 2017.

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